.:: Life on an Island ::.

Tasmania is a not so small island off the south east coast of Australia. It is both Tracey"s and my home and our birthplaces. We have lived here for the majority of our lives except for a 10 year study and work stint in Britain. The Island is the place to where we both return after the trails and treats of travelling.

We live out on the north east coast, just far enough away from the small fishing town of St. Helens. Home is a 2 acre garden in the middle of our 25 acre bush (forest, woods) retreat. Our constant companion is Simone, the Italian Greyhound that is of course, when she hasn"t put herself to bed under any doona that may be handy.


Life is based around horticulture, maintaining the garden and designing kites. That is more than enough to keep us out of mischief. Winter for me is normally spent travelling to kite event around the world. Over the years I have been honoured with invitations to many countries to display and fly my kites. I have been invited to teach design and construction workshops in kite making in many countries.

I invite you to wander through the web pages dedicated to kite designs and random picture of the garden.

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