.:: Dieppe Bird in White ::.
(Memorial Bird)

Dieppe Bird in White

By: Robert Brasington

Description:The White Bird is a beautifully simple platform. It is very easy to assemble with minimal amount of spars. It flies in a wide range of wind conditions from light to medium sea breezes. It is a very forgiving kite in fluky winds and so makes an ideal inland kite. Stacking the kite is simple. A carbon frame gives the kite its strength.

Size: It is 1.8M across (about 6 ft.) with 5 M organza tails (just over 15ft)

Duration: 4 hours/ half day .

Cost: $110 Ausd

General Comments: The workshop is a relatively simple half day event, and post beginner skills are needed. There is nothing too taxing, mostly straight stitching. Much of the hardware is pre-cut for easy assembly and for economic use of materials.
All hardware is supplied. A functioning sewing machine and the usual sewing paraphernalia are needed.

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