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Dragonfly Dragonfly

By: Robert Brasington

DESCRIPTION of Workshop:The kite is a very reliable platform, totally original in its design. It is 1.8M across and the body is 1.45M high. The Organza tail is 5M long. It is easily stacked. There are 6 colours in the graphics which give participants a wide range of choices to select colours that make their Dragonfly truly unique.

DURATION: I have put aside a day and half to finish the project but fast workers will complete it within the day.

COST: $140 Australian

GENERAL COMMENTS: Participants will need a functioning sewing machine and the usual sewing accessories, pencils rulers etc. I will bring any specialist tools needed to complete the project and supplies to be shared by the class will be available within the class room.

The head and tail of the Dragonfly are pre-cut and marked to save time in the workshop. All hardware is supplied to complete the kite.

Kitemakers with post-basic skills will be capable of completing the kite. Large "show and tell" sheets are in the class for people refer to and if needed take photos for later reference.

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