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All are just fine on a line, but over the years, I have found the best way to display these items is on a pole. I normally put them out first thing in the morning and then they are the last thing to come home at night. They are always active, instant colour and a must for any kite event. They sure beat banners!

Price: $235 AU$ (Postage Included)

Greens 1.5M high by 1.1M across
Blues 1.3M high by 1.1M across
Mauves 1.5M high by 1.1M across.

Click for larger images.

Personal size - Tulips, very curvy, 800mm high by 800mm across.

Price: $145 AU$ (Postage Included)

The images above are past examples of colours. Each kite is crafted to your specific colour request.
Email "zerokite@tassie.net.au" to discuss your personal colour - way.

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