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Kokeshi Dolls Kokeshi Dolls Kokeshi Dolls Kokeshi Dolls Kokeshi Dolls

By: Robert Brasington

Description: This kite is known by many as simply "The Girls". They are made up of various mediums. The oriental fabrics that make up the Obe, or coloured sash, are carefully colour matched to the ripstop tail and inlaid organza. Colour combinations vary as the oriental fabrics become available.

Wind Range: They fly in a wide range of winds and are best in light to moderate breezes. They stack perfectly.

Size: They are 3.3M long by 500MM across the top.

Duration: 8 hours.

Cost: $85 Ausd

General Comments: The workshop focuses on the use and combination of the mediums used to make up the finished kite. Each of the fabrics need particular handling processes and combined they result in a unique and reliable kite that can be flown in a wide range of wind conditions.

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