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Powers Powers Powers

By: Robert Brasington

DESCRIPTION of Workshop:The workshop focuses on the construction of an elegant platform, totally original in its design and is an relatively uses simple sewing techniques to result in an elegant and functional kite. Organza is used in the tails and time will be spent discussing its handling and use.

Size of Kite:The head of the kite is 1300mm wide and 800mm high. The Organza tails are 3M long


COST: $80 Australian

GENERAL COMMENTS:The Powers is a relatively simple kite the construct. The main panels and tails are pre-cut to save valuable workshop time. The sewing is straight forward apart from curved pocket on the leading edge. The frame is a combination of Carbon Fibre and fibre glass. All hardware is supplied. A functioning sewing machine is needed. Participants will need to bring the usual workshop accessories. Other workshop needs will be supplied for group use. The kite is a flawless flyer best in 6-25 KPH. It is easily stacked (or made into a train). Participants are welcome to pre-order more kits to make up the train at a later date.

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