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Waif Train Workshop

By: Robert Brasington

DESCRIPTION: The participants have the choice to elect how many kites they would like to take. The full train is 6 with a rainbow colour way graduating up the train. In the past most participants elected for the full six. However custom colourways have been requested for that extra sense of originality. Generally each head has 4 graded colours from dark to light fading into the centre of the head.

SIZE of KITE:The heads are 600mm wide and 600mm high with 3M long tails. The stack lines supplied are 3M long. [Full length of the train is 15M from front kite to rear kite]

DURATION OF WORKSHOP: The time taken to do one finished kite is about 3-4hours and the participants can replicate the remainder at a later date, or the workshop could go on as long as time allows. It is an ideal workshop where time is limited but the project is substantial.

COST: $35 Ausd per single kite [Full 6 pack is $210 Ausd]

GENERAL COMMENTS: The participants require a functional sewing machine and related items normally used. The kits come with pre and partly cut fabric and all hardware. Basic tools for class use are required. The workshop focuses on the use of Organza and the use of unique appliqué templates to build up the head profile. The workshop has a simple workshop manual to enable participants to complete the workshop project at a later date is required.

NOTE: Alterative head shapes are available if required.

Ghost Waif Train
Batty Boys Waif Train
Ghost Batty Boys

**This workshop is highly recommended**

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