.:: Workshops ::.
Kite making workshops now have been part of my kite life for more than 10 years.
During that time I have conducted workshops around the world. They have been specifically based on my original designs and are aimed at participants with basic contemporary kite making skills
Lately I have been engaged by kite clubs seeking a weekend experience where participants complete a functioning kite or kite related project. Custom programmes for workshops are arranged on request.
The following portfolios of workshops are some that have proved popular over the past couple of years.
All workshops projects are fully functional. All hardware is supplied and workshop manuals enable participants to complete the projects at a later date if desired.
If your kite group is looking for something different as a club activity, email for details.

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.:: Dieppe Bird in White ::.       
The White Bird is a beautifully simple platform. It is very easy to assemble with minimal amount of spars. It is 1.8M across with 5 M organza tails.More....

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.:: Dragonfly ::.       
The kite is a very reliable platform, totally original in its design. It is 1.8M across and the body is 1.45M high. The Organza tail is 5M long.   More....

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.:: Swallow Tails ::.       
The workshop involves the construction of a unique platform. It concentrates on the specialised appliqué technique to result in a graduated colour formation. The workshop also focuses on the use of Organza fabric. More....

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.:: Gothic Delta Small ::.       
The workshop concentrates on the appliqué technique that makes up this simply elegant nad functional kite. The participants refer back to templates for marking colour lines to give gentle colour changes across the face of the kite. More....

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.:: Powers ::.       
The workshop focuses on the construction of an elegant platform, totally original in its design and is an relatively uses simple sewing techniques to result in an elegant and functional kite. More....

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.:: Butterflies. ::.
The Butterflies are a good workshop for a weekend where participants may want to head home halfway through the second day. Proficient participants will finish it in a day. The main head and tails are pre-cut and marked to save time in the workshop. More....

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.:: Kokeshi Dolls ::.
The workshop focuses on the use and combination of the mediums used to make up the finished kite. Each of the fabrics need particular handling processes and combined they result in a unique and reliable kite that can be flown in a wide range of wind conditions. More....

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.:: Wind Auger ::.       
The Auger is a good all round kinetic piece with a wide range of uses. Due to its originality, there is a high satisfaction level on completion.
All hardware is supplied and relevant panels are pre-cut to save time in the workshop.

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.:: Gothic Delta ::.

The workshop examines the accepted shape of a delta and goes on to create a low aspect ratio platform with an unconventional keel arrangement. The kite flys in light winds and is capable of flying comfortably in the upper ranges as well. There are six graphic options available.

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.:: Waif Train ::.

The participants have the choice to elect how many kites they would like to take. The full train is 6 with a rainbow colour way graduating up the train. In the past most participants elected for the full six. However custom colourways have been requested for that extra sense of originality.

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.:: Concentrix ::.

The workshop is the choice of a number of different kites shapes all using a concentric graphic of ever decreasing shapes. They all have long Organza tails and fly in a wide wind range from 6kph up to 30kph safely. They each have 4 to 5 colours including a black surround in the head. The frame is a combination of carbon and fibreglass rods.

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