Ellefore Box - Front Section
Ellefore Cell Kite
The Ellefore is a remake of Alexander Popov L4.
The Russian kite designer Popov designed this kite sometime before 1905. It was designed to lift radio antenna wire.
Details of its existence and whether it was ever actually made are sketchy. However, the rudimentary plans do exist.
By taking these plans, stretching and adapting the dimensions, the adapted Ellefore is the homage to Popov.
The kite is 3M across and 1.8M high.
It flies in a good wind range of about 2.5 Beaufort up to 4.5-5 Beaufort. That is about 10kph up to about 25kph.
It is a very stable platform and flies at a surprisingly high angle for a cell kite.

Price is:
AUD $1265
 EUR €784
 USD $860

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
 (Worldwide Postage Included.)
Footnote: Here you can observe a modern remake of the original L4.
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