Butterfly Workshop
 Butterflies Workshop  Butterflies Workshop  Butterflies Workshop
By: Robert Brasington
Description of Workshop
The Butterflies are an extremely reliable and forgiving platform. They fly in a very wide wind range. There are 6 colours in the graphic. The design is unique and original. It uses carbon, fibreglass ,ripstop and organza to made up the finished kite.
Size of Kite
the head is 1.6 M across and the tails are 3 M long, resulting in a well proportioned kite.
8 hours Plus. (Day and a half would be recommended, depending on participant proficiency).
Price is:
AUD $145
 EUR €91
 USD $109

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
General Comments:
The Butterflies are a good workshop for a weekend where participants may want to head home halfway through the second day. Proficient participants will finish it in a day. The main head and tails are pre-cut and marked to save time in the workshop.
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