By: Robert Brasington
Description of Workshop
The Genki is a thin version of the standard Genki from the 1980's. It is inherently a very stable platform. This version has no keels which enables clean uninterrupted designs. It is using a double dihedral to give the stability. The kite is best in light to medium winds.
Size of Kite
The kite is 3M across (10ft) with an 11M tail assembly.
12-14 hours.
Price is:
AUD $235
 EUR €148
 USD $176

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
General Comments:
A technique has been developed to transfer large prepared appliqued panels onto the main sail by a series of templates and datum points. It is a very easy and functional process that can be readily used elsewhere.
All materials are supplied.
Simple kitemaking skills are required.
A functioning sewing machines is essential, as well as basic sewing tools
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