Gothic Delta Small Workshop
Gothic Delta Small Gothic Delta Small Gothic Delta Small Gothic Delta Small
By: Robert Brasington
Description of Workshop
The workshop concentrates on the appliqué technique that makes up this simply elegant nad functional kite. The participants refer back to templates for marking colour lines to give gentle colour changes across the face of the kite.
Size of Kite
The kite is 2.1M high and 1.7M wide
1 1/4 days
Price is:
AUD $140
 EUR €88
 USD $105

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
General Comments:
The workshop results in a truly uniqué delta, very stable and reliable in a wide range of winds. It is just as happy in light winds as it is in stiff sea breezes. It comes highly recommended as a platform. All hardware is supplied. The frame is full carbon. There are 5 colours graduating down the face of the kite and participants are encouraged to pre-order their colour choices ahead of the workshop. The keel of the kite, not apparent in the above images, is also colour co-ordinated. The images above are only a sample of what could be available.
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