Rapier Workshop
Rapier Workshop
By: Robert Brasington
Description of Workshop
The Rapier is a three-bladed kinetic spinner that can be used as line laundry or attached to a pole.
It is medium to fast spinning speed.
The spine is 1.4 metres high and the blades make a total diameter of 830mm.
The hardware is a combination of carbon and fibreglass.
It is a good prominent size and no too cumbersome.
All panels are pre-cut and all hardware supplied.
4-6 Hours.
Price is:
AUD $85
 EUR €53
 USD $64

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
General Comments:
The workshop requires low to average skill levels. It is all straight stitching and assembly is simple.
It is a very good workshop to be come accustom to the world of kinetics.
The design is a simple concept but introduces the participants to a wold of options and expansions on the theme.
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