Pirouette Petite Workshop
Windaugers Workshop
By: Robert Brasington
Description of Workshop
The Wind Auger is a spinner that rotates in all planes as long as there is wind. It is constructed in ripstop nylon and a combination of carbon and fibreglass rod.
It has a heavy duty ball bearing swivel. The workshop is demonstrating the use of converting flat pieces of fabric and sewing around a curve.
When put onto a rigid frame the flat pieces become a 3 dimensional sculpture.
Workshops in the past have chosen colour ways involving up to 3 different colours with a black base. The spinners can be used on a pole, line or for house decoration.
Size of Kite
1450mm high x 600mm in diameter.
8 hours.
Price is:
AUD $85
 EUR €53
 USD $64

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
General Comments:
The Auger is a good all round kinetic piece with a wide range of uses. Due to its originality, there is a high satisfaction level on completion.
All hardware is supplied and relevant panels are pre-cut to save time in the workshop.
Importantly once one of the six blades is completed in the workshop, the rest can be completed at a later date and final assembly is straight forward.
That means, if necessary, the workshop time can be reduced to half a day.

Participants are welcome to pre-choose colour ways prior to the workshop.
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