Delta - Starz
Starz - Squadron
Following the Kalido-Deltas comes the new Starz.
This platform has been available now for nearly 15 years. Just the updates graphics have changed.
It is my desert island workhorse kite. I ever leave home without them. They are first out of the bag at most events and usually the last ones in at night.
They are also used as lifters when the winds are too light to fly anything else.
Time and time again, they are the first in the sky and flying long before cells and soft kites.

The Starz are 3M across (10ft) with 6M streamer tails.
Price is:
AUD $745
 EUR €461
 USD $507

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
 (Worldwide Postage Included.)
Kalido Delta - Starz
Starz Delta
Starz Delta
Starz Delta
Starz Delta
The images above are past examples of colours. Each kite is crafted to your specific colour request.
Email "" to discuss your personal colour - way.
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