Kalido Delta
Kalido Delta - Family
The Kalido Delta graphics have been inspired by kaleidoscopes and quilting designs.
The platform for the delta is the same as the Moorish Delta before it.
It is 3 Metres across with 5 metre streamer tails. This platform is my most reliable workhorse.
Price is:
AUD $675
 EUR €425
 USD $506

! These rates are close estimates only.
Contact Robert for more info.
 (Worldwide Postage Included.)
Kalido Delta - 2019/2020 Graphics
Kalido Delta
Kalido Delta
Kalido Delta
The images above are past examples of colours. Each kite is crafted to your specific colour request.
Email "zerokite@tassie.net.au" to discuss your personal colour - way.
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